HOUSTON BLACK BOOK OF LUXURY launch at Rolls-Royce of Houston

In the midst of fabulous Rolls and Bentleys, owners and upper management from 18 luxury businesses were recently invited to attend the launch of HOUSTON BLACK BOOK OF LUXURY, hosted by Rolls-Royce and Bentley of Houston and organized by LUXCIOR.

Attendees were introduced to the innovative concept through a 40-minute presentation by its founder, who put it clearly:

The HOUSTON BLACK BOOK OF LUXURY (HBBL) is Houston’s only and inconceivably exclusive private membership club and ultra-elite network of luxury retail stores, brands and professional services.


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The HBBL’s objective can be defined in two simple areas:

1. “BLUE DIAMOND” BUSINESS MEMBERS – Substantially assist select business members gain and sustain a competitive advantage, promote brand recognition, establish strategic alliances, share pre-qualified high-net-worth clients, produce B2B and B2C networking, develop constant marketing strategies’ innovation and optimization, enhance business performance and, ultimately, acquire new clients and become more profitable.

Blue Diamond Business Members may join the HOUSTON BLACK BOOK OF LUXURY by paying an annual membership fee, after being accepted by the board.

2. “WHITE DIAMOND” & “RED DIAMOND” PRIVATE INDIVIDUAL MEMBERS – Offer discerning private members the opportunity to gain exclusive access to a wide range of VIP services and benefits, be introduced to all business members, preview new luxury products and services before they are made available to the public, stay informed about new openings and expansions, participate in select networking and social events, receive preferred advanced special promotions and offers, and stay on top of the world of luxury.

White Diamond Private Individual Members may join the HOUSTON BLACK BOOK OF LUXURY complimentary. “Red Diamond” Premier Individual Members may join by paying an annual membership fee, to receive an array of additional benefits and value.

The full program is scheduled to be available to the public in January, although business members are already joining. Rolex Boutique, Peter Lik Gallery, Alexander’s Portrait Studios, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars of Houston, Deutsch & Deutsch Jewelers, Bullock Jewelers, Susan Iverson Wealth Management, Hal Martin’s Watch Co., Omni Hotel Houston Galleria and Bentley Houston count as some of the new members in the Uptown / Galleria area. More businesses in The Woodlands, Katy, Clear Lake, and Sugar Land areas are joining as well.

Joining the HOUSTON BLACK BOOK OF LUXURY is somewhat restrictive, as prospective business partners must submit an application with the endorsement of two existing business members; the application will then be submitted to the HBBL Admission Board for review and final approval. This application method guarantees that only businesses with a superior reputation will be accepted. There is an annual membership fee for Business Members, as well.

Businesses admitted in the HOUSTON BLACK BOOK OF LUXURY will follow certain rules and guidelines set in place to ensure tangible benefits to Business Members and Private Individual Members alike.

Exclusivity is another key component of the HBBL. For many businesses, HOUSTON BLACK BOOK OF LUXURY will not allow disadvantagous competition. For example, once a Mercedes-Benz dealership is admitted as Business Member, no other Mercedes-Benz dealership within the same DMA (demographic market area) will be admitted. DMAs will vary, and are defined differently for each industry. For some Business Members this is a first-come, first-served opportunity.

For some sectors, there is no total or semi-exclusivity rule in place. For example, there is no limit for restaurants, men’s or women’s apparel boutiques, etc. However, as an example, there will be a limit set for Brazilian Steak Houses in the Galleria area, as there are three restaurants of the same type within a two-mile stretch of Westheimer Road.

There is no pre-qualification criteria set for Individual Members wishing to join HBBL, other than paying an annual membership fee.
Based on the immediate response from the initial Business Members, the club is expected to grow rapidly both in memberships, as well as in the range of benefits and activities offered. There are several HBBL committees, each designated to analyze, adjust, and organize different aspects of the Club, such as benefits, rules, events, and guidelines, giving members a voice within the organization.

Individual Members receive a weekly email with updates, special opportunities offered by Business Members, invitations to events, and more.

In addition to having a fabulous website and a strong social media presence, the HBBL will annually produce a physical Houston Black Book of Luxury. This Black Book will be mailed to all
Business and Individual Members, as well as to a number of additional select hotels, organizations and business locations.

Delicious Hors d’oeuvres provided by Grotto and gorgeous furniture courtesy of Cantoni.